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What is Your Purpose? - The Secret to Meeting Your Goals & Objectives

Anthony Robbins’ Rapid Planning Method is a powerful system for achieving the goals that matter most to your life. R represents theresults we’re after. Clarifying your results (or outcome) helps you focus on your desired target. Once you know the result you’ve committed to, you must know why you want it, and why you’re taking action.

In other words, you should know your P—your purpose. Having a sense of real purpose, like compelling reasons, will provide you with the drive necessary to make your desired result a reality. There is a major difference between simply having a dream, and having enough reasons to push yourself through the inevitable obstacles that will stand between you and your goals.

There are many ways to achieve a result or outcome, but you must know why you are going after it. This way, if your first plan or attempt fails, you will have the necessary drive to follow through and keep moving toward your ultimate vision. Your purpose gives you the emotional reasons why you want to follow through and do whatever it takes to create the outcome you desire. Whereas an outcome (or result) produces focus, a purpose gives you drive. For example, it’s one thing to say, “I want to become a millionaire.” It’s another thing to say, “I want to become a millionaire because I will be able to help my children; make a difference in the world; develop the pride of knowing that I’ve overcome so many challenges; contribute to the homeless; and create many magical, fun moments for myself and those I love!”

When you fully feel why you are doing something, you will create the emotional excitement and “juice” that will give you the drive and momentum to create the result.

Your purpose is the compelling reasons why you want to do something—reasons that will give you the necessary drive to follow through on your plan.

QUESTIONS TO ASK: 1) Why do I want to do this? 2) What is my real purpose? 3) What will this give me? 4) How will it make me feel?

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